How To Make An Essay Longer: Legitimate Tricks

Students often feel desperate when trying to reach requested word limit, especially if this is course final paper and deadline is approaching. Nowadays teachers request electronic submissions more often so multiple tricks on how to make an essay longer visually are no longer working as word processors show real word count precisely. Leave all those increases of font size, spacing, and spaces between words for high-school students. College students should know tricks to enhance essays in an acceptable manner as this is more professional and leads to good grades. Do not forget about strict formatting requirements and grade points that may be deducted for not following them. But do not worry, there are numerous ways allowing you to include more words in your essay in a legitimate manner.

Useful Hacks On Making Paper Longer

If you already conducted research, gathered all facts that can be used, and perfected essay structure but still lack a few hundred words you may enhance your essay in such a way so that it will look even more academic and formal.

  1. Check instructions again. Prior to using all tricks on how to make a paper longer without a teacher noticing you need to look at rubric one more time and check if all points are discussed as a teacher will definitely notice missing parts. Did you include valid counterarguments and refute them? This is part of guidelines that students very often omit. Have you summarized all points of essay in conclusion? You already wrote everything before so take the opportunity to paraphrase all key conclusions.
  2. Avoid contractions. Skim over the finished paper and replace all accounts of “won’t”, “don’t” and so on to their long forms. It is a formal essay after all and teacher is not your peer friend. You’ll have two words instead of one for every replaced contraction.
  3. Transitional phrases are obligatory. They not only make your essay more logical and easier for reading but immensely increase words. Just look at how to make your paper longer with one phrase introducing personal analysis: taking into consideration the fact that …Moving from one point to another with the help of “on one hand” and “on the other hand” is much easier as well. Just keep balance and add transitions in parts where they’ll look natural.
  4. Follow academic structure of a paragraph. Students may end paragraphs with quotes without explaining them. Do not let facts or data speak for themselves. Show your own understanding and analysis at the end. Supporting evidence was added because it fits your thesis statement, wasn’t it? So, tell your reader, not many efforts are needed here.
  5. Headings are a good idea. Every section of an essay is devoted to a certain main point. And adding extensive headings in text separating these sections is an academically acceptable way of how to add more words to an essay. If you won’t add them in every paragraph, the readability of paper will improve.
  6. Spell out all numbers. Simple “11 metaphors” turns into “eleven metaphors”. See how it increases the number of words and overall length?
  7. Add descriptions everywhere. This is another trick of how to extend an essay. Instead of a simple statement “Apple announced new products’ launch” you may add some evaluative description: “Apple Inc., which is the well-known leader in the sphere of technology, announced launch of the products in the near future”. Such enhancements create a sense of dedicated personal attitude and author’s involvement in topic under study.
  8. Explain all abbreviations. Basically, this is a must anyway since your readers may not know that PDD-NOS stands for Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified. You may even replace all abbreviations in text with their full names but be careful as it affects readability and may distract the reader.
  9. Add more quotes. Standard college essays should have approximately 10% of direct quotes taken from supporting sources for backing up author’s own claims. What if some more valuable quotes are added? This will contribute to the credibility of your essay but avoid exceeding 20% as you may be punished for lack of your own analysis.
  10. Do not forget to cite. All parenthetical citations are included in count of words. And when you use good source without a known author you should cite it in the text using the full title of this source. This is absolutely legitimate way of making your essay longer.
  11. Limited use of pronouns. Instead of simply stating “They started their way to Mordor” you may prove that you actually read the  Lord of the Rings saga by describing entire Fellowship: “Frodo Baggins along with his eight companions – his friend Samwise Gamgee, wizard Gandalf, ranger Aragorn, hobbits Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck, dwarf Gimli, elf Legolas, and prince Boromir – began their journey to Mordor”. It may appear very lengthy but nothing really irrelevant was added. And congratulations, twenty-seven words were added to increase essay’s word count. Just do not add proper names everywhere, some pronouns are still needed.
  12. Conclusion needs more attention. If you always just summarized discussion points in this part, you’ll be surprised that two more sections are needed here. First, restate your thesis in other words at the beginning. You remind readers what you wanted to talk about in text and make your paper longer adding information you already included before. Then, yes, summarize paper. And finish by adding tricks to make your essay longer such as a call to action or discussing the value of paper’s topic outside discussed context. Wider perspective also adds more credibility to the analysis. 


Wise use of all these hints results not only in increased word count but improved academic value of completed paper. Written assignments become easy to follow, fully supported, and formally presented if all aspects are included. And no dangerous tricks such as simply increased fonts are used.