Essay Topics Are Always Right If Chosen Carefully Taking Genre In Consideration

Students usually need to demonstrate proficiency in academic research and writing by completing written assignments on specific or already defined topics related to class materials. But sometimes teachers give more freedom in picking essay topics to improve students’ engagement and interest. Do not be confused by this freedom as teachers still want to see how well can you cope with general demands for written tasks. It is important to find a suitable topic that’ll be easily manageable.

What To Pay Attention To While Choosing The Right Topic?

Modern students have so many interests that permission for selecting any topic for the essay will make them stuck. Do not worry, think instead if any of essay ideas that come to your mind meet these criteria:

Upon selectng topic you should define type of paper. The same topic may be presented differently depending on essay purposes. Just describe issue of violent computer games using relevant factual information or write a paper comparing such games to violent TV shows. Look at both papers so that you can see how in both cases absolutely different aims were achieved.

Pick Right Genre For Essay

Now let’s review some examples of essay prompts that hypothetically may be used for each genre.

Argumentative Essay Topics Examples

  1. Combination of adversity score with test scores serves as the most accurate representation of student’s competency.
  2. Famous character Tony “Iron Man” Stark will return in next films made by Marvel. 
  3. Feminism in its modern embodiment does not follow key principles of this ideology.
  4. Successful strategies that contribute to easier and more effective search for a job.
  5. Harmful effects of widespread technological devices on society’s development.

Persuasive Essay Topics Examples

  1. Polygamy is in human nature so people should not be blamed for it.
  2. Death penalty should be abolished as murderers are not afraid of it anyway.
  3. It is impossible to find a good job using only LinkedIn profile.
  4. All youth must go through short-term military preparation courses. 
  5. Computer games should be treated as the form of art.

Descriptive Essay Topics Examples

  1. Describe a city you once visited and want to visit again in ten years.
  2. Reveal your biggest dream to a stranger.
  3. Why my laptop is my best assistant.
  4. A tattoo that I want to make on some memorable date.
  5. Procrastination as the worst thing for college students.

Narrative Essay Topics Examples

  1. How first day in college changed my life forever.
  2. How breaking with my first girlfriend/boyfriend gave me useful experience in life.
  3. How overcoming my biggest fear raised my self-esteem.
  4. First experience of traveling abroad.
  5. What is the most important principle that I always follow in my life?

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics Examples

  1. Compare German military doctrines in WWI and WWII identifying similarities that led to failing outcomes in both wars.
  2. Compare Lord of the Rings and Star Wars sagas and find the major differences in plot development techniques.
  3. How do Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung view development of human mind?
  4. Compare any pieces of art by Da Vinci and Michelangelo. How their form and mood are different or similar?
  5. Contrast representation of death in literary texts from Realism and Romanticism movements. 

Now when differences between various genres are clear selecting among essay topics will be easier. Almost every topic can be modified for meeting requirements of certain genre and impress teacher with mastery of writing.