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How To Write An Essay Is No More A Question If You Follow Some Simple Rules

The necessity of expressing thoughts appropriately and efficiently always puts one in stress regardless of previous experience in writing. Any essay’s main purpose is to be informative, persuasive, obviously interesting to read. The most experienced students always follow a pack of specific rules on how to write an essay and always achieve success.

Good Essay Starts Before Actual Writing

Students usually get written assignments beforehand. It is done with purpose because professors know requirements of writing process. The first step to essay writing is very important as it means careful planning. Checking deadlines with purpose of adjusting both workload and spare time is obligatory so that writing in rush is avoided. Limited time frame will inevitably affect completed paper’s quality, argumentation, and research. Thus, check instructions in advance so that it’ll be possible to realize how to plan time.

The second step requires more effort as the ideal essay requires substantial research to back up all claims and main argument. “I don’t need skimming through dozens of articles or books to write my essay,” you may think. Though reading relevant available literature is the only working strategy for getting high grades for written tasks. The majority of essays require proper support of all expressed ideas using good facts. Anecdotal evidence, while sometimes very useful, does not add value or credibility to a paper but academic sources do.

The third step presupposes reflection as well as thinking. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and think about your future essay’s structure. What are the most persuasive arguments and facts that you have found? How could they be arranged and discuss the main idea explicitly? Has your own perception of a topic under study changed after research? If there are answers to all these questions, you’ll know about essay writing and how to earn an excellent grade.

What Should Be Remembered While Writing?

Now it’s time for an opening a laptop for starting working on text itself. All the synthesized ideas need proper organization and sticking to a standard academic essay structure. Don’t be afraid as this arrangement is always logical. Essential parts of a successful essay are the following:

  • Introduction. This is the first part that makes an impression on a reader so that he or she continues reading. Some especially interesting fact or other attention-grabbing sentence is needed at the beginning. Then move to a precise and short topic’s background. Idea of introduction is to establish the context to write your essay in.
  • Thesis Statement. Usually, it’s the last or a few last sentences in the introduction. Students often miss this aspect but it’s a huge drawback of their essays. Avoid it by making sure your thesis includes your specific and narrowed claim related to discussion topic. Remember that your thesis must be debatable as you already completed good research, so you can prove that it’s correct but other people may have reasonable counter-arguments. This is purpose of academic discussions. All main argumentation points in the essay must be presented in this section for guiding readers and let them know what to expect in the next parts.
  • Body Paragraphs. Now all aspects of developed thesis should be discussed in separate paragraphs. For every new paragraph adopt the same structure. Start with a topic sentence that is connected with a general claim then proceed by clarifying it and providing supporting evidence or examples. Previously conducted research will be very useful here as you already gathered good quotes, facts, or data. Provide analysis and interpretation of the facts so that your author’s voice is evident. Poor essays look like someone else’s ideas’ collection while perfect essays demonstrate author’s thinking and efforts of developing an argument. Finish each paragraph in such a way that it becomes connected to the next one. Logical development and sense of connection are crucial for body of written text.
  • Conclusion. Completing this section will show whether all previous steps were successful. First, recap the main claim and its key components. Then summarize achievements of body section. This won’t be hard if previously discussed structure of body is used. But this isn’t the last point of how to do essay and get the highest grade. Finishing conclusion with a warning, call to action, or some bright idea for future research is always a good idea.

Essay Format Is As Crucial As Its Content

Every student must remember that citing while writing is obligatory. All facts and ideas that were taken elsewhere must be cited by mentioning authors and sources. Otherwise, paper will be treated as copied or plagiarized. These severe problems may be easily avoided.

If a student is curious about how to write an essay for university, how it differs from various blogs and reflections, he or she must review rules of academic formatting styles. There are many of them but usually, professors require one of these five and mention it in guidelines: MLA, APA, Harvard, Oxford, or Turabian. All these formatting guides have official explicit guides with examples and templates.

Once essay is finished, reread it several times so any possible proofreading mistakes can be found. Submitting polished versions of written papers demonstrates that student takes studies seriously with all due diligence. Editing or rewriting some sentences or even parts is normal process as it helps to make paper exceptionally readable. Attention in all details is key.

Is It All I Should Know?

Basically, yes, these simple steps are all that is needed for students who do not know how to do essay. The only thing left is constant practice to hone skills in writing. It becomes easier with every completed writing assignment.